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Okubasu, Munene & Kazungu Advocates LLP undertakes all forms of property and conveyancing transactions ranging from, sale of land, subdivision of land, sale agreements, land transfers, lease and sub-lease agreements, mortgages and charges, chattels and share transfers agreements and all forms of transactions relating to sale and acquisition of property rights and interest. We also conduct land and title due diligence through formal and official searches at various land registries with a view to ensure that our clients acquire valid titles and properties.

We have so far advised and enabled several persons to sale and purchase land, flats, maisonettes, town house, industrial, commercial buildings, condominiums and multi-storey residential complexes within major cities and in various counties in Kenya. Our clients rely on us because we understand the technicalities and implications of all transactions. We work to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected from any potential liability. We take a result oriented and strategic approach, which helps our team successfully conclude all transactions in a timely way. Our main clients are:

  1. Gongo Ler Company Limited
  2. Cedar Investments Limited
  3. SBM Bank
  4. Stima Investment Cooperative Society

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